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Discover the secrets of digital photography and learn how to take great photos with any camera

It doesn’t matter if you have a 2-year-old compact camera that can fit into your shirt pocket, or an advanced DSLR camera that you bought for a photography course. You can take great photographs either way by remembering a few simple lessons available from this site.

Read some photography tips and surprise your family and friends with the quality of your photos:

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  1. The rule of thirds – What is the rule of thirds, and how can you create bolder photos with a slight shift of your camera?
  2. Focus – How do you determine what’s in focus and what’s out of focus, and how do you reign in on a camera that seems to have its own will when it comes to focusing?
  3. Composition – What is photographic composition and how can you take advantage of naturally occurring composition without forcing it?
  4. Exposure – How do you avoid under-exposed photos (dark photos), and how can you take photos where each person is lit up like an angel?
  5. Photography lessons – All of our photography tips are located at this section and are available absolutely free.
Can’t decide where to begin? Don’t worry – we created a structured curriculum in our photography school section. Soon you will join the list of great photographers :)

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